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If you need help or know someone that does please call the help line
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Needs and Services Provided

Some of the fun that Love INC volunteers have in their day-to-day activities is rewarding clients with special gifts. This happens mostly during the holiday season when people are eager to deliver food baskets, adopt a family, or help in another way.

However, there is much to be done outside the holiday season as well because needs come up throughout the year, so volunteers deliver needed items every week to those who can not pick them up. These items don't grow on trees, they are donated by loving people who care about those in need around them.

Here is a list of requests that Love INC receives often:

  • Food
  • Items for Children in Need
  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Prescription Assistance
  • Bicycles

If you can help with a need or service please contact us.

Love INC Manteca
PO Box 708
Manteca, CA 95336
(209) 825-9131

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